VIA 1kV transformers

Grid extension and minigrid projects often use transformers to distribute electricity when the distance is too far or quantity too much to do so at mains/low voltage (100-400V). However, low voltage LV powerlines are rated to 1000V (1kV), and countries like Nepal and Finland have used this spare capacity to distribute electricity in more cost-effective ways than the usual solution of building medium voltage (MV) lines of 3.3-33kV, which can be 50-100% more expensive than LV lines. While these innovative efforts are not new and have often been very cost-effective, the lack of availability and awareness of 1kV transformers has limited their adoption. Transformers are usually used in electricity distribution for groups of households, using 10kVA transformers or larger, generally for 10 or more households when connecting newly electrified households in emerging markets. However, VIA has extended the 1kV concept to micro and mini transformers so that 1kV can even be carried to every single new connection, instead of needing a LV line to be built from the 1kV transformer to the buildings. 1kV micro transformers can even be built into electricity meters, street lights and traffic lights that may exist within the network. The following advantages can be gained by using 1kV transformers