Solar Electric Cooker

  • Use solar electricity without an inverter to cook
  • Cook with or without automation via add-on control panel
  • Non-automated cooker has two settings:

  • “Cook” with 110 deg C cutoff similar to a rice cooker
  • “Fry” with 180 deg C cutoff for saute, grill and hot oil
  • Automated cooking is energy-based automation, not time- based, which will extend cooking times if input solar power is reduced during cloudy weather.
  • Can choose start or end time for set-and-forget cooking
  • Simple user interface with minimum buttons
  • Cooked food stays warm enough to serve for 2-3 hours after cooking due to air insulation gap for efficient cooking.
  • Replaces hours spent collecting firewood or money spent on wood/charcoal/gas/ other cooking fuels
  • Zero carbon emission, zero air pollution, zero fire risk


Product Capacity: 8L

Choice of automation: YES

Size(diameter x height) cm: 30×25

Net Weight: 7Kg

Voltage: 24V DC

Power required: 500W