Mighty Motor

  • Mighty Motor is a solar powered machine to help process crops, pump water and other time-saving and value-adding activities.
  • Can be supplied with 125W to 750W of solar panel depending on hours of usage, and a 720Wh LFP battery and 40A MPPT solar controller.
  • Includes a 240W power outlet to power other products (feed/hopper automation, lights, phone charger, inverter for AC power)
  • Saves time from manual work, or diesel fuel needed for diesel mills, water pumps and generators – up to twice as efficient as AC machines
  • Can be made for 100-240V AC power input as well, for application on solar minigrids or main power networks.

Power: 750W brushless DC motor

Voltage: 24 V DC

Speed (rpm): 1500 without gearbox / 150 with gearbox


  • Food grater/slicer 100 kg/hr

  • Oil expeller 3-5 L/hr

  • Meat/kava mincer (#22) 200 kg/hr

  • Flour/coffee/spice grinder 30-80 kg/hr

  • Rice huller for brown rice 200 kg/hr

  • Rice huller/polisher for white rice 30 kg/hr

Upcoming Potential Applications

  • Winnower

  • Coffee cherry pulper

  • Water pump

  • Electric bike

  • Carpentry tools

  • Air blower/compressor